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High Quality Solid Wood Bookcases & Fixtures Available

Canaday's Book Barn ( in Carlisle, PA. is offering a large quantity of attractive full-size solid wood single-sided bookcases & fixtures along with double-sided freestanding bookcases as featured in Borders stores. Additional items include Face-out Magazine Racks, Book Bins, Book Display Islands, Several Antique Oak & Glass Floor & Table-top Display Cases, Print Bins & Oak Map Drawers, etc. Additional photos can be seen in the photo tour on our store website. Call (717) 574-0092 for details & pricing.
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Your own "Pot of Gold" only $15,000

Canaday's Book Barn in Carlisle

Call (717)574-0092

Canaday's Book Barn in Carlisle, Pa. has closed in order for the owner's to pursue the next chapter in their life. A well known destination for East Coast book lovers for many years, the barn attracted locals as well as wondering bibliophiles.

The Book Barn's stock is now available for bulk purchase. This includes approx. 15,000 books and an eclectic mix of desiderata that includes vintage magazines and ephemera, additional uncatalogued books and over 1300 LP records plus DVDs, CDs etc..

This is not the typical bulk book offering comprised of hopeless books that have been passed over by on-line sellers. It is not library sale residue. You will find no encyclopedias, reader's digest, self-help, dated best seller fiction or romance, time sensitive offerings (computer / current events / textbooks), devotional religion, etc..

What we do offer is a carefully curated collection of very clean hardcover and trade paperback non-fiction (approx. 85%) and a literature collection comprising the top authors: American, English and continental. The preponderance of this well balanced collection is hardcover and most retain their original dust jackets (pre-war vintage titles are more common sans dust jacket). Many of the dust jackets have been protected in Brodart mylar covers as per our SOP over the years. There are very few mass market paperbacks included, but those offered are primarily vintage pulps dating from the 1940s thru 1970s.

All books are displayed on original shelves for easy viewing. Nothing is packed away in boxes making it impossible to properly evaluate the entire collection as is common when large collections are offered. We invite you to come peruse the collection in person. All of the sidelines are easily accessible. Do not hesitate, as we are in the midst of remodeling the barn into a Wedding Venue, so this opportunity will expire in mid January as we must push-on with our plans.

A breakdown of the books are as follows:
(Please note, effort has been made to calculate totals as full 3 foot shelves, books spine out; therefore, as an example, 5 actual shelves w/ some gaps and a few face out books is annotated as 3 shelves).

American 28
General World 3
Ancient & Egypt 1
Greece & Rome 1.5
Medieval 1
Renaissance 1
19th & 20th Cent. European 2
Russia 5
England 7
German 4
French 3
Italy / Spain 1.5
Scandinavian .5
Mediterranean .5
Eastern Europe .5
Middle East 3
Africa 1.5
Central Asia 1
India 2
China 1
Japan/Southeast Asia 1.5
Australia / Oceania 2
Arctic / Antarctic 2
Central / South America 3
Canada .5

Military History 39
Military Fiction 5.5

Pennsylvania History, etc.6

Regional US History 7.5

Hunting / Guns 4
Fishing 2.5
Hiking / Camping / Canoe.5
Mountaineering .75
Equestrian .5
Golf 2.5
Baseball / Boxing / etc. 3
Chess / Dice / Games 1

Trains 1
Automotive 2
Aviation (Civil) 4
Ships & Sea / Exploration5

True Crime 13
Includes Police Agencies, Prisons, Vice, Forensics, Organized Crime, Murders, Spies, etc.

Music (Classic, Opera, Pop) 3.5
Jazz / Swing 2
Ballet / Dance 1
Theatre / Broadway 3.5
Hollywood Bios 5
Movies / TV 3

Antiques & Collectibles 12
Books on Books 3

Art 7.5
Photography 1
Architecture 3
Interior Design 3

Cooking / Beverages 5
Gardens and Gardening 4
Country 1.5
Crafts 1.5

Dogs 1.5
Cats 1.5
Other Pets .5

Religion (Christian) 12
Eastern & Islam 1
Judaica 6

Philosophy 18.5

Government / Constitution 4
Political Science 2
Law / Trials 2.5

Business History 1.5
Economics .75
Journalism 2

History of Medicine 2
Medicine 12
Psychology 3.5

Sociology 2.5

Archaeology 1
Anthropology 2
Evolution / Genetics 2

Nature Writing / Ecology 1.5
Natural History 5
(Mammals / Birds / Insects / Fish / Reptiles / Seashells / etc.)
Geology / Meteorology 1.5

Science & Technology:
General Topics 3
Math 3
Physics / Einstein 3.5
Nuclear 2
Astronomy 1.5
Chemistry / Engineering 2
Electrical 1
Radio / TV / Computer 1.5

Dictionaries / Thesauruses 2
Writing, English as Lang. 1
Foreign Language Books 14

Humor .75
Erotica 1
New Age / Occult 1

Greek / Roman Classics 1
Shakespeare & Period 3
Poetry 2.5
Vintage Mystery 2
Modern Mystery 9
Western 2
Historical Fiction 5
Sci-Fi 2
General Literature 29
Literary Criticism 4
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